Tomatin Contrasting Casks & The Bourbon Edition

New limited edition packs released from Tomatin Distillery

Tomatin Contrast
Tomatin Contrast

The Tomatin Distillery Co Ltd has released a limited edition pack of Tomatin Highland Single Malt Scotch Whisky called Contrast – a unique comparison of fully matured Bourbon and Sherry whiskies from Tomatin Distillery.

In each pack, there are two 350ml bottles each containing a vatting of casks from 1973, 1977, 1988, 1991, 2002 and 2006, with one of the vattings being from Ex-Bourbon casks and the other from Ex-Sherry casks. Bottled at 46%, both whiskies are non-chill filtered and natural colour, and display greatly contrasting colours and flavours.

Casks from the same six years were selected and vatted by Tomatin’s Distillery Manager, Graham Eunson – “It is well accepted that up to 70% of the final flavour of Scotch Whisky is derived from the cask it was matured in. We wanted to directly compare the effect of different casks on the same whisky – the actual contrast between these two whiskies is far greater than we had anticipated. These are two incredible whiskies which consumers will enjoy comparing side by side in their own home.”

There are 5,400 of this limited edition pack available and it is expected to retail at £99.99.

Bourbon Matured:


Golden syrup and honey. Lemon & lime. Almond and macadamia nuts, vanilla and custard.


Sweet vanilla custard and lemon sponge. Pineapple chunks, raspberries and icing sugar.


Sweet, fresh and mellow.

Sherry Matured:


Toffee-apple crumble, Christmas pudding, raisins and treacle.


Cinnamon and cloves, peppercorns. Thick cut marmalade.


Oily, spicy and chewy.

Cù Bòcan – The Bourbon Edition

The Bourbon Edition
The Bourbon Edition

The company has also announced the launch of its final release in the Cù Bòcan Highland Single Malt Scotch Whisky Limited Release Trilogy – The Bourbon Edition.

The Bourbon Edition is the third and final release in a trilogy of limited editions showcasing the flavours which make up the standard edition of Cù Bòcan; Sherry, Virgin Oak and Bourbon.

The Sherry Edition was released in 2014 and the Virgin Oak Edition earlier this year. Fully matured in First Fill Bourbon casks, this edition is rich and creamy with hints of smoke and sweet citrus.

There are 6,000 bottles available worldwide (except USA) and it is expected to retail at £49.99.


Toffee and honey are prominent. The smoke is distant at first but continues to emerge and then slowly fades to reveal pineapple and pear drops. A rich and creamy vanilla custard lingers.


Velvety smooth coconut and vanilla. Milk chocolate covered marshmallows, almonds and toffee. Citrus fruits, especially orange and lime, have a significant presence.


Long lasting and sweet.

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