Berry Bros. & Rudd Unveil Truly Exceptional Casks

Exceptional Casks Released

Berry Bros. & Rudd Spirits is proud to announce the inaugural releases from the new exclusive series of bottlings, Exceptional Casks Collection.

Each expression in the distinguished range demonstrates the very highest of quality, with only truly exceptional casks making it in to this rare selection.

The Glenlivet 1972
The Glenlivet 1972

Doug McIvor, Spirits Buyer for Berry Bros. & Rudd states; “Our philosophy when choosing casks for the collection is to provide unparalleled quality; we take immense pride in this. This extraordinary and very limited range will showcase some of the most remarkable expressions we have released to-date.”

Each Exceptional Cask has a story to tell, whether the spirit comes from a closed distillery, reveals a distinct flavour characteristic or has been matured in a particular barrel.

Four exemplary bottlings have been chosen to launch the Exceptional Casks Collection. Starting with a rare 50 Year Old North British, Single Grain whisky taken from two remaining sister casks on their 50th birthday, December 18th 2012. Bottled at 58.9% ABV, there are 472 bottles available at a retail price of £500. It will be available to taste at The Whisky Exchange Whisky Show from 4th to 5th October 2014.

Two Single Casks of 1972 Glenlivet Single Malt, a hallowed vintage for those in the know, have been specially selected. The casks display remarkable characters after maturing for 41 years. There are 170 bottles of Cask #1072, at 53.2% ABV. Only 40 bottles of Cask #1081, bottled at 46.1% ABV will be available. Both are priced at £650.

Finally, a Single Cask of 1977 ‘Overproof’ Jamaican Rum has been deemed extraordinary enough to be included. This rare old Jamaican rum was a shoo-in and the eager wait for the day of release has finally arrived. There are only 110 bottles available, at 60.5% ABV, for £500.

The Exceptional Casks Collection will launch from October and is available to purchase from Berry Bros. & Rudd.

Tasting Notes

North British
North British

50 Years Old North British Single Grain

This elegant but deeply flavoured whisky gives tropical fruit, melon skin, vanilla, nectar and wood spice. On the palate bursts of vanilla and banana ride on a magic carpet of honey balanced beautifully by the wood tannins. Lingering and sophisticated to the last.

1972 Glenlivet Single Malt Cask #1072

Deep, soft tropical fruit aromas abound with hints of orange blossom and old leather. The palate is layered and generously seductive with honey strands mingling amongst the fabulous fruitiness. The finish is long, silken and graceful.

1972 Glenlivet Single Malt Cask #1081

Scented wood and burnt orange peel mingle with old leather, honey and bees wax. Overall, the nose conveys great depth and seamless elegance. The palate builds to reveal a honeyed texture with dark treacle outcrops over the fabulous fruity ensemble.

Jamaican Rum
Jamaican Rum

1977 Jamaican Rum ‘Overproof’

This charming 35 year-old rum exudes aromas of cigar boxes, coconut, spice and ripe banana. The palate has a rare complexity, rich, juicy and balanced by the judicious oak influence. This is a connoisseur’s rum and one to savour.

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