Old Pulteney 17yo

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What Old Pulteney say:

Classic full-bodied Old Pulteney with a twist of sweetness as we use some Spanish Oak in the maturation process. The familiar depth and complexity is there, but this time with butterscotch, baked pears and unforgettable finish. Bottled without chill filtering, this is an outstanding dram

What I say

Old Pulteney - 17yo
Old Pulteney – 17yo

With the 21yo being, quite simply outstanding, and as I am really enjoying the latest NAS release the Navigator (yes controversial I know), it’s time to see what the 17yo has to offer.  Bottled at 46% ABV at £62.95 from The Whisky Exchange (@whiskyexchange).


Fruity and Sweet on the nose, with just a touch of lemon oils.  Ripe pears and crisp green apples, with just a kiss of honeysuckle, and warm barley.

There is a touch of just slightly burnt butterscotch sauce with tangy kiwi fruits which combine with a gentle note of ripe peaches and cantaloupe melon, and this is enriched by a cereal sweetness, before woody drying oak notes come through.


Sweet and creamy, the butterscotch from the nose is first up on the palate, bringing with it creaminess that the nose merely hinted at.  There’s vanilla sugar and macadamia nuts before the fruits turn darker, with rich dates, plump raisins, and overripe cherries.

The apples from the nose are all but gone but make a brief appearance, they are buttery soft, as if wrapped in flaky pastry.  Lastly there is a touch of sea salted pretzels which gradual turns more vegetal, comparable to dry leaves in autumn.


Mouth coating, with a comforting creaminess, imagine putting on your favourite jumper warmed by the radiator, whilst an apple crumble bakes in the oven.   All those warm, comforting vanilla, nutmeg, and home baking spices combine.

Apples remain with, gentle spice and lashings of damp oak.  Drying and tannic, with the fruit and spices combining to keep this from becoming too dry. A really fantastic whisky akin to a late autumn after a brisk walk in the woods.

Kirsty Clarke (@KirstyClarke29)

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