Our Third Competition

Whisky Weekender Flyer
Whisky Weekender Flyer

Its Competition Time

So, you’ve read our article on the very new and exciting The London Whisky Weekender Festival, what you haven’t and you are just here for the competition?  Very naughty, however there is the chance of redemption you can go back and read it here.  Right now where were we, oh yes, having read our new and exciting article, you want, no, need to go to this event.  Yup, we have the bug too and boy do we need to go.

So go out and buy some tickets, do it now!! If you are feeling lucky (well are you punk? Sorry I may have gotten slightly over excited there), we are giving away a pair of very shiny, very exciting, so exclusive it hurts, tickets for The London Whisky Weekender and all you have to do to win them is answer me these questions three, well actually just answer these two simple questions, the answers can be found on both our site and on The London Whisky Weekender site!

Question 1:  What did I say I wasn’t sure “if I would be able to keep it down?” and;

Question 2: What is the name of the Terrace on which you can sample pre 1945 whiskies?

Email in to whisky.corner@yahoo.co.uk and retweet the competition tweet, the winner will be announced by 10am Friday 16th May.  Good luck

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