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blrrAbout the Bruichladdich Valinch

These are the DIY bottlings available exclusively to visitors to the distillery.  A valinch, possibly from a Spanish term, is the name applied to a large, copper pipette used to take cask samples from whisky barrels.  Bruichladdich believe that if you have made the effort to get to the distillery on Islay then you deserve something just a little extra special.

Valinchs are by definition only ever at cask strength, from a single barrel, and selected by Jim for individuality. Each Valinch released has its own label and title, usually to commemorate a specific event.

Another 2013 valinch release, sees a 1994 vintage, bottled in 2013, 18 year old guyan rum cask, only 290 bottles and an ABV of 57%.  We have bottle number 182.

Nose: First thing to hit you is the alcohol burn, and boy does it feel hot, then comes a strong smell of tequila or mescal if you will.  Lots of new make spirit smell despite its age.  In comes the rum next, lovely and tropical, cocoanuts, pineapples, even toasted almonds coming through, vanilla and cardamom elbow their way in, lemon and lime are last to make an appearance.

Palate: The first thing to hit is the alcohol, hot and spicy, warming right down to the chest.  Double expresso is next on the palate, with hints of burnt toast, dark chocolate and an edge of old leather.  As the flavours continue to evolve, bananas and vanilla, wrapped in a layer of nuttiness.  Pistachios over vanilla ice cream, with a touch of martini.  Drying yet still sweet.  Hot milk comes through right at the finish, making this lovely and comforting, as if you could bottle the taste of your favourite jumper right out of the tumble dryer.

Finish: Long and drying, the overwhelming finish on this is home baking and all things sugar and spice.

In conclusion, a really enjoyable dram, although hot and spicy, sweet enough to make this an easy drinker.


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