Caperdonich 19yo

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Lady of the Glen - 19yo Caperdonich
Caperdonich 19yo

What Lady of the Glen say:

A 19yo single ex-bourbon Cask

Bottled at Cask Strength, with only 120 bottles available, this is non-chill filtered and has an ABV of 54%.   Price £80 and available directly from their website here with only a few bottles left.

Spirited for its age, the flavour is all about the essence of lemon with a hint of buttery sweetness.

On the palate you will be surprised by delicious honey and ice cream undertones. Add water gradually for slightly mellow warm biscuits flavours and malty flavours. After your initial taste, sit back and enjoy a warm and clean after taste with a distant hint of toffee. Delicious and yummy, we are very proud to be releasing this single malt.

What we say:

The Caperdonich distillery was located in Rothes and was mothballed in 2002 and later demolished in 2012.  There are a few casks about, and Lady of the Glen have now released this 19yo.


Nose: First thing you notice is the alcohol burn, but as this tapers off you pick up a lovely sweetness, much like a Highland Toffee bar, but one that’s been warmed up in your pocket all day, despite the overwhelming, comforting vanilla and Demerara sugar, there is a hint of tropical fruits, warm pineapple with an undercurrent of warm dates and figs.  There is wonderful aroma of hot buttered crumpets with lashings of honey with a little spicy cardamom, a slight hint of an autumn dusk, with the lovely musky smell of damp leaves.  Tailing off with lingering sweet notes with a touch of sage.


At odds with the palate, the initial taste is a lot drier than I expected, picking up more of an overall bitter note, still some sweetness, but with a burnt edge, like the top of homemade rice pudding, dark chocolate ensconced cherries, with a hint of truffle, and buttery almonds.  Citrus starts to develop, though I think more orange than lemon, although this does start to come through at the roof of the mouth.  Slight coffee grounds and damp earth.  Just as you think you’ve had all the flavour out of it, the buttery vanilla comes back in, bringing a fresh wave of sweetness, evocative of warm hay and lazy summers. The Finish is long and complex, ever evolving.


Nose: Fresh oatcakes, large hit of alcohol, you can tell it’s cask strength, once that dissipates then a whirlwind of citrus encircles your nose, mostly lemon and lime.  Very zesty, before going back to the oatcakes.  Fresh cut grass, blowing about on a fresh spring day before ending with the sweetness of figs.

Palate: Wow! Warm honey gliding all over your tongue, coating every part of your mouth, spice follows with a kick before bursting into popping candy.  The citrus from the nose has all but gone and in its place are liquorice laces melting with buttered chocolate.  The finish is wonderful, you can feel it travelling right down your throat, enticing you to take another sip.

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