In The Attic

Israeli Distillers

In the Attic, is a “garage” distillery, run by the two Rosenblatt brothers in Israel.  They distill wine, beer, brandy and whisky, pretty much anything you can think of.

Golder star carambola
Golder Star

The brothers have had particular success with their distilled brandy, for which they took inspiration from the humble Carambola tree growing in their back garden. It is a  “Golden Star” species and it bares fruit twice yearly, in Spring and early Winter.  From this they make wine first and then later brandy and “spirit”, you can find more about the process here at their translated blog  “In the Attic”

Stewart and I were fortunate enough to blind taste some of the whisky that they produce.  I am going to predict the future somewhat and say that, once it is ready to be released, the whisky will be a huge success.  Our tasting notes can be found here.

I recommend keeping a close eye on these brothers, in my opinion they are definitely rising stars and ones to watch.

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