25 Year Old


Here we review the 25 year old Tomatin, this is bottled at 43%, aged in American oak barrels, this Highland distillery has produced a 25 year old that is widely agreed to be more a Speyside styled malt.

Nose: An initial hit of what can only be described as sour milk, almost instantaneously changes to full on tropical notes.  Lovely hot pineapple, drizzled with Manuka honey, fights with over ripened bananas, orange pith and crisp green apples.  An underlying ripple of soft grainy pear and vanilla comes through as it opens up in the glass, with a touch of lime leaves, cloves and rhubarb.

Palate: The first taste brings the alcohol burn initially feeling far stronger than it actually is, however this soon makes way for the pineapples and then melting into caramel bananas as promised on the nose.  Next comes through a bitter note, such as unsweetened grapefruit, which then simmers in with the sweetness, reminiscent of a can of Lilt.  As this wonderful dram continues to evolve, the vanilla sweetness and the sharp apples on the nose, become gentler, like a wonderful apple crumble, bringing in rich buttery tones and cereal infused milk, this then fades and a hint of liquorice, with green tea and the tiniest touch of peppermint leaves appears.

Finish: This just goes on and on, ever changing and never drying.  The overwhelming finish for me, is pineapples and soft vanilla.  This really is an excellent example of just what Tomatin can, and so often do achieve.


Nose: Apples, lemon zest, orange peel moving on to milky chewy sweets.  Boiled milk over a tropical fruit salad, more green apples, and fresh apple blossoms.

Palate: Jumps all over the tongue like space dust, orange coming through strong, before being met with lemon juice, slight hint of stewed apples, vanilla pods mixing with spices.

Finish: Hot, chewy, almost treacle like, reasonably long before tapering off into a sublime punch of sweetness.



A 35cl bottle retails for approximately £40.

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