Liquid Treasures….The hunt is on

Speyside Whisky Festival plays host to a Treasure Hunt for grown ups

Liquid TreasuresContinuing with our coverage of The Spirit of Speyside Festival (@spirit_Speyside), we have all the information on one of the Festival highlights, The Liquid Treasures.

The Spirit of Speyside
The Spirit of Speyside

This is a wonderfully quirky event, lots of fun, family friendly and a fantastic Festival addition.  Tell me more you cry, ok then I will.

This is an epic, grown up, treasure hunt!  Brought to you by “The Famous Five” (could this event recapture your childhood more, even if it tried?), Glenfarclas, Tomintoul, Tamnavulin, The Glenlivet and Cragganmore who have hidden some of their most exclusive bottlings around the, quite frankly stunning scenery of the region of Tomintoul and Glenlivet.  This is particularly apt as this region is steeped in history of whisky smuggling, legend is this is where the dram began.  These whiskies have a combined value of over £600.

This event is hosted by The Tomintoul and Glenlivet Development Trust (@TGDevTrust), which was formed in 2012 to regenerate the area, the Trust are working in partnership with local businesses to drive tourism and economic benefits through events such as the Whisky Festival.  Marketing and Communications Assistant, Pery Zakeri said “The idea for the event is to encourage more visitors to explore the area during the Festival.  We have so much to offer visitors, from stunning walking routes and world class mountain bike trails, to wildlife and of course some of Scotland’s best whisky.  Having the support of our local distilleries is invaluable to the trust”.

There will be clues every day to help would be scavengers to find their secret locations.  I almost don’t want to say where you would find these clues, but in the spirit of fair game I will.  The first of the clues can be found in the festival hubs in Elgin, Dufftown, Aberlour and Tomintoul, on festival buses and on both Facebook and Twitter.  Testing your whisky knowledge, the path to each bottle will only be travelled by the worthy.

What’s the catch, well there is none, this is a free, yes free event and will be lots of fun to take part in, follow the clues, find the hidden casings and exchange them for the bottle, it couldn’t be simpler.  You have nothing to lose, even if you don’t find the whisky you will discover many treasures along the way.

The hunt can be found and followed at #liquidtreasures, so you know what to do.  Oh and good luck everyone, I’ll see you there.

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