The Glenrothes, Vintage 1992 Second Edition

Vintage 1992 Ten Years on

What The Glenrothes say:

The First Edition of this fine Vintage was released in 2004 when then Malt Master, John Ramsey (@berrybrosrudd) selected casks that he deemed to be at their best. But some of the whisky, he suggested, needed more time. Now, 10 years on, it is ready.

This Second Edition is unchill-filtered and aged in a mixture of refilled Sherry Butts and American Hogsheads. Fruity and citrus on the nose, it is sweet on the palate with hints of vanilla, lemon peel and a touch of creamed coconut

What I say

1992 Vintage, 2nd Edition
1992 Vintage, 2nd Edition

It’s interesting that there has previously been a first release of this and it was decided that some of whisky needed longer in the cask, I’m very interested to see just what difference an extra ten years has made.



Fruit just explodes on the nose, it at every turn!  Jam packed with white grapes and nectarines, tangy lemons and sharp oranges which then takes us on a trip to the more exotic, (undoubtedly coming from the age) with green pineapples and guava and just a hint of coconut milk.

There’s a nod to soaked oats, and soft vanilla and a bitterness of dark chocolate mixing with the steam of a freshly made double espresso.


I expected fruits and boy did I get them!  The lemon is first up, before the white grapes from the nose arrive with the sharpness of the nectarines.  The guava and under ripe pineapples make this a sharp fruity whisky, but don’t be fooled, this is far from a one trick pony.

Dark bitter chocolate brings through cranberries, raspberries and rich figs with a heat from dried mace and green chilies.  There’s Brazil nuts and coconut husk, and a smokiness that dances with the heat from the chilies.


There is a long finish on this, it brings through the bitter notes, with the Brazil nuts and toasted oak from the palate leading the charge.  The heat from the mace is unmistakable, and it’s almost too much, but on cue the fruits arrive, the richness from the figs and sweet vanilla help turn the heat down.

The coconut is there, but its creamed coconut, the lemon toned down, the raisins soft and the chocolate silky smooth.  There’s a gentle nudge of smoke, which just catches the back of the throat and continues to puff spicy clouds of cloves.  Perfectly balanced and the best Glenrothes I have ever tasted.

Kirsty Clarke @kirstyclarke29

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