2010 Vintage Rum

In The Attic

You may remember our fantastic mystery dram tasting, which turned out to be a 2.5YO “whisky” from our friends at in The Attic.

2010 Vintage Rum
2010 Vintage Rum

We have been lucky enough to have been provided with some of their rum which is a 2010 vintage, made from sugar cane and aged for 2 years in a barrel from Tuthilltown bottled at 46% ABV.

This is our first official rum tasting.


Nose: Lashings upon lashing of gorgeous vanilla sweetness, crème brulee from your favourite restaurant, hints of marshmallow dust, sultanas and stewed plum, rich buttery crumble topping with just a hint of red apple.  Christmas spices, with just a hint of liquorice, soft and comforting.

Palate: A fantastic heat is the first thing to wash over the tongue, leaving a rich, almost slick coating, vanilla, vanilla and more vanilla stomping all over your taste buds, the heat is quick to dissipate, allowing the dried fruits and molasses sponge to forage through, enforcing the sweetness from the palate.

Over ripe bananas and just the smallest hint of papaya, making way for a little fresh mint and fading out to the gentle tones of candyfloss (cotton candy), evocative of a summer’s day spent at the fun fair.   An amazing rum, I could quite happily drink this all evening long.


Nose: Cream soda poured over vanilla ice cream, sweet, sweet shortbread style biscuits.  Followed by creamy boiled sweets, very silky.

Palate: Burnt sugar, almost on fire, the cream soda as promised on the nose is still present and the ice cream has melted coating your tongue.  One sip lasts for a long time, on second tasting the fire has dissipated leaving a sweet, sweet harmony of silk and caramelised sugar.

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