18 Year Old

18 Year Old
18 Year Old

This is made in limited quantities and only a few of fortunate to try it.  A lot softer than the 10 and very sweet due to the 18 years aged in the barrel.  Non-chill filtered bottled at 48%ABV.

Stewart and I both reviewed this and here are our notes below:


Nose: Sweet and smooth, peat smoke is there but oh so gentle.  Honeyed oranges and soft apricots, lots of spice, black pepper and a hint of cinnamon.  Just a tiny hint of rubber, liked warmed rubber bands, the smell of an old fashioned post office on a summer’s day with an undercurrent of fresh dried hay and an English orchard.

Palate:  Soft chocolate and honey notes, honeycomb and soft almond, peat smoke gently kisses the roof of your mouth, nutmeg and vanilla, like an antique bookshop, the mustiness tangible.  Fruity notes lurking at the back wrapped in a blanket of iodine, with a slight pancetta edge.  Last to hit the tongue is a hint of nutty oak.

Finish: Fantastic, a wonderful example at just how complex Laphroaig (@laphroaigwhisky) can be, note upon notes lingers on and on, never too harsh, the perfect balance of spice, peat and sweetness.


Nose: Sweet toffee apples, very soft smoke, the saltiness from the 10 year old has all but disappeared upon reaching adulthood.  Green apples mixed with black peppercorns.

Palate: Hot and spicy, the smoky peaty goodness is a lot gentler, some hot chocolate mixing in with the peppercorns, the apples have melted and some crispy barbequed seaweed has taken their place.

Finish: Warm and spicy, a lively dram that has grown old gracefully.

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