Peach Brandy

In The Attic

You may remember our fantastic mystery dram tasting, which turned out to be a 2.5YO “whisky” from our friends at In The Attic.

Peach Brandy
Peach Brandy

We have been lucky enough to have been provided with some of their peach brandy which is aged in the barrel for 14months and bottled at 46% ABV.

This is our first official tasting of brandy, so here goes.


Nose: First note soured milk (dried in baby sick), quickly replaced with the soft peach aroma, with a honey drizzle. Gentle notes of sugar almonds, cocoa butter, with cloves and cinnamon and perhaps a touch of star anise with the slightest hint of sulphur at the very end.

Palate: Perhaps somewhat unsurprisingly first on the palate is peaches, fiery at first, with a slight chilli heat, tingles on the palate, then fading into something floral and powdery, reminiscent of anias anias perfume, gentle vanilla at the back of the tongue, fading with a peppercorn buzz.


Nose: Gentle, soft, peach infused dry leaves, slight notes of honey with an undertone of hazelnut.

Palate: Bold peaches, very smooth, low amount of spice, sugar cane and quite woody (but not in a bad way), surprisingly refreshing for the strength, a nice summers drink.

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