Spirit of Speyside Festival 2014

Scotland’s much loved Festival rolls back into town

The Spirit of Speyside
The Spirit of Speyside

Held annually since May 1999, the Festival holds many different events over several different locations within the Speyside region, which is located in the north east of Scotland.

This region is split, lying partly in the Highlands of Scotland and partly in Moray.  The River Spey is a rich water source for the many distilleries in these areas and also provides stunning views and wonderful wildlife and runs for over 100 miles.  The entire area is steeped in history, from Castles to tales of smuggling and of course distilleries a plenty, all with a story of their own to tell.

The River Spey
The River Spey

This year the Festival runs from 1st May through to the 5th of May with a jam packed schedule, that is as diverse and inspired, as it full.  As this year is Scotland’s official Year of Homecoming Scotland 2014, it’s extra special.

Spirit of Speyside Whisky Awards (1)
Tasting Glass

Unique in just how wide a range of, not only locations, but also events, there really is something for everyone, from whisky tastings, food pairings, guided tours, a photography competition and even a music festival, if you can’t find anything on the packed list of events you like, then you should probably check for a pulse!

The Festival aims to educate as well as provide fun events and works closely with Speyside businesses and communities to ensure that the success and enjoyment for all.  The Festival is important for the region and brings in both local and international visitors, with each year more popular than the last.

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Michelle Petrie

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The Spirit of Speyside Whisky Awards

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