2.5 Year Old Whisky

Blind Tasting of Israeli Whisky

We were, very kindly provided with a mystery sample from our good friend Yoav (@yoavgel) to taste blind.

In the Attic

Kirsty’s Notes 

Nose: Initial big rum hit, then in comes tangerines, honey, freshly mowed lawn, fresh mint but sweeter, like candy canes, vanilla marches in next, with a burnt toffee edge with a black pepper zing at the back.

Palate: Totally different on the palate, I was pretty sure from the nose it was rum, but changed my mind now, quite a gentle heat, dissipates quickly, bitter, almost sour, creaminess, pepper and cloves, little ginger, green apples, with a softer stewed pear, slight acetone taste as it starts to finish.  Robust, chewy, and slightly drying.

Guess at the abv 47%, definitely rum cask, age is either going to be really young or really old.  I’m going guess at about 22yo.

Stewart’s Notes

Nose: Orange boiled sweets, hint of chocolate sauce, slight boiled milk.

Palate: orange sweets, hot, new leather shoes, slight spice, salt and pepper and honeyed apple.

Guess at the abv 51.6%, bourbon cask, finished in rum, age 17yo.

Observations We both agreed that the nose and the palate do not match, but this was a really enjoyable dram.  Stewart in particular was a very big fan, so much so we agreed we would not finish the sample as it was so good.  We would both definitely try this again and would highly recommend this.  

Reveal This is a 2.5 yo Israeli whisky at 50% ABV, this is matured entirely in rum casks and is distilled by the Rosenblatt brothers whose blog you will find here “In the Attic”

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