Princes Square, Glasgow – Celebrates Whisky Month

16th – 23rd May 2014 – The Courtyard

Princes Square have collaborated with Auchentoshan to bring to Glasgow the ‘Taste of Scottish Culture’ photography exhibition.  The exhibition will be located in the Courtyard of Princes Square from 16th to 23rd May and is part of its celebration of Whisky Month.  The exhibition will showcase striking images of iconic leading lights from Scotland’s music and film industry, past and present, including Clare Grogan, Deacon Blue, Peter Capaldi, James McAvoy and Paolo Nutini which would be fantastic to enjoy with a dram in hand!

Claire Wilkinson, Marketing Manager of Princes Square had this to say:

‘Homecoming 2014 featuring Whisky Month is a very exciting time for Glasgow and we’re delighted to be able to display Scotland’s finest exports in Princes Square – whisky and its renowned arts scene.

Auchentoshan Whisky Lounge
Auchentoshan Whisky Lounge

Auchentoshan and Princes Square both have a strong Glaswegian heritage which focus on style and culture so the partnership was an ideal way to highlight the best of what Scotland has to offer during Whisky Month.  Princes Square is proud to support local events which add to the shopper’s experience and the Auchentoshan Whisky Lounge was welcomed when it opened on Friday.

We hope whisky lovers will enjoy a dram together with our Taste of Glasgow Culture photography exhibition and enjoy photography of some of the city’s most renowned music and film icons .’

Auchentoshan are opening a Whisky Lounge from Friday 16th to Sunday 18th May (11am – 8pm) to enable the public to enjoy and acquaint themselves with their whisky portfolio.  Although extremely busy, Auchentoshan found a little time for a quick chat about this event.

Are Auchentoshan involved with the exhibition?

Auchentoshan is working in collaboration with Princes Square to host the exhibition and to sample Auchentoshan.  Auchentoshan is extremely proud of its Scottish heritage and this is why we have aligned ourselves with this cultural photography exhibition showcasing striking images from some of the city’s most iconic music and film moments.

Ready to Pour
Ready to Pour

Why did you decide to hold this event?

The event is designed to celebrate our Scottish heritage and also encourage people who may not be familiar with our brand to try our award winning Auchentoshan portfolio in a relaxed setting.

Why did you choose this weekend and why this location specifically?

 This weekend was chosen to tie in with Homecoming Scotland’s ‘Whisky Month’.  We wanted to celebrate our heritage in our home town and Princes Square courtyard is the perfect location to highlight this. Princes Square has been an integral part of the Glasgow style scene for over 20 years and is the perfect platform for a celebration of the city’s finest whiskies, its globally-renowned culture and its famous ‘Style Mile’ which offers the best of Glasgow fashion, shopping and dining.

What expressions will you have on tasting at the Auchentoshan Whisky Lounge?

We will have the Auchentoshan Classic, Three Wood and 12YO expressions on tasting.  Something for everyone.

Do Auchentoshan have any new expressions out, or planned? 

We have a couple of exciting limited editions in the pipeline!  Look out for Virgin Oak and a wine finish coming soon…

If you are in Glasgow then do check out this high quality, free event which serves to showcase some of the best of Scotland’s talent.  Take the opportunity to familiarise yourself with the Auchentoshan Portfolio also.

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