Bowmore – Tempest V

Tasting Notes

Here we review the limited edition, small batch Tempest V from Bowmore, each release in the series has similar nuances, but there is always a difference between each release.

This 10 year old is the hotly anticipate fifth release in the Tempest series, in which a small batch is bottled in first fill ex bourbon casks and bottled at 55.9% ABV.  This is sold by a number of retailers including here at £49.94 for a 70cl bottle.

What Bowmore have to say:

Tempest V
Tempest V

As with each release in the Tempest series, Tempest V carries the hallmark style with subtle nuances of mandarin, tangy lime and cassis whilst establishing its own personality and setting it apart from its predecessors in presenting a fuller, richer and sweeter 1st fill bourbon character.

Master Blender Rachel Barrie describes the fifth release, “It is Bowmore matured in the very highest quality of 1st fill ex bourbon casks, revealing harmonious and enveloping layers of honeycomb, rich bourbon vanilla and ripening fruits carried on an ocean breeze. Tempest V’s highly complex layers of silky smooth vanilla and luscious fruit-infused peatiness transport you to the elemental beauty of Islay. “

So enough talking, time to review.



A glorious burst of burnt sugar sweetness, mellowing into a lovely key lime pie base.  Lemons and limes are there in abundance!  Sharp at first, almost like sherbet, before they both start to soften down, there are some gentle orangery notes.  In comes the peat, but it’s oh so gentle, like feather light kisses from your true love.  A touch of iodine brings with it some ripe fruits, loganberry and raspberries and juicy strawberries, an almost jam like quality.  Then finally the salt comes in, not like the ocean, but, combining with the lime, reminiscent of a decent margarita.


Far dryer than I expected, the first note is rich, dark espresso, this is fleeting and some damp oak takes over.  The salt on the nose comes in sooner than I expected, and is entwined with the peat, which again seems more present than on the nose.  The lemon and lime on the nose become effervescent, dancing on the tongue, before calming down and fading to a chocolate lime aftertaste.  That milk chocolate becomes stronger, before bringing in a touch of ginger and cinder toffee.  Just when I thought I had forgotten all about them, in come those red fruits, concentrated and sticky, definitely homemade jam, with strawberries, raspberries and a touch of cranberry, all with a hot orange kick running through it.


Wow, so many flavours going on here.  A long drying finish, and the very last to leave the party? The peat, it’s finally made itself known and now it’s not going anywhere!  As it tickles the very back of your throat the tannins dry the palate and the smoke, with a hint of spice keep it interesting.

Overall thoughts:

A fantastic Tempest release, Bowmore get this right with every release.  Rich and warming, not too heavy, but you certainly know it’s there.  This is very much a fireside dram for me.    When it comes to the Tempest releases they are always similar and yet so different.  This is a good example of this.  The differences between IV and V in my opinion are vast.  IV is perhaps more refreshing and a good all-rounder, whereas V is rich, in a stick to your ribs kind of way.  Both fantastic, and neither would leave you disappointed.



A newly varnished wooden table with a freshly baked plate of butter shortbread sitting on it.  Fresh chocolate wafts over on a cool breeze bringing with it oranges and lemons and a hint of lime.  A slight touch of ripe banana finishes the nose off.


Unmistakable, spicy vanilla hits sharp before quickly dissipating as a fresh salt wave hits you quickly.  Lemon and orange from the nose are here in abundance and have brought some berry friends.  Summer fruits and fresh spice round this dram off.


Beautiful lemon burst and a calming fresh feel.

Overall thoughts:

Another beauty from the Tempest range.  Again a must have for your whisky shelf.  In relation to the Tempest IV, they are both different drams thought both big powerful, wonderful Bowmores.  If pushed I would say the V just edges it due to the extra hits of lemon that I love so much.

With thanks for the official sample.

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