10 Year Old Cask Strength

10 Year Old Cask Strength
10 Year Old Cask Strength

Distilled the same way today as when Ian Hunter invented it over 75 years ago.  Perhaps the most famous of all the Laphroaig (@laphroaigwhisky) expressions. This is the Cask Strength version, bottled approximately 2004. Bottled at natural distillery strength of 55.7%ABV.

Stewart and I both reviewed this and here are our notes below:


Nose: Back to the well-known Laphroaig nose harsher, lashing of iodine, seaweed, all wrapped up in a medicinal hue, witch-hazel on warm cotton wool, like the nurses rooms at school.  Salt from the sea, like standing up deck on ferry to Islay in a stormy weather.  Peat reek with spicy sweetness.

Palate:  Spicy chilli heat, crisp bacon with a hint of maple syrup, the saltiness combining with the peat is heavenly.  The wonderful iodine envelops the tongue, tingling on the lips, sage, ferns and cardamom linger on the tongue, with hot peppercorns bitterness.  It’s as if Laphroaig have bottled the very essence of late nights round a beach campfire just as the day turns to night.  A couple walking hand in hand by the sea.

Finish: Far longer than the standard 10yo, with more complexity, a fantastic dram.


Nose: Salty seaweed, smoky bacon, sweetness and sea breeze followed by punchy peat.

Palate: This is the souped up version of the 10yo, bigger wheels and a turbo engine, taking you from zero to peaty heaven in the blink of an eye.  The spice levels are raised as is the peat smoke, the dram evokes, everything that is wonderful about Laphroaig.  A must have dram.

Finish: It hangs around on the palate for what feels like an eternity before melting and sliding down your throat.  This dram is like the first ever kiss from your soul mate, you will never forget it.

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